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Bridges of Passionate Bounty

By Luke Daab
Passionate Bounty. That's my horrible attempt to make a Bridges of Madison County pun. Get it? Passionate Bounty? Madison County? Nah, it's terrible. Even I can admit that. But no matter how gut-wrenchingly, mind-explodingly bad that pun was, passion nevertheless DOES build bridges.

Four weeks ago I was in St. Louis, MO selling my artwork at a convention. Basically, I was engaging with my passions. While there, I met someone with the same passions as me. We shared a conversation and I learned that he works at Boeing designing military aircraft. How cool is that? I now have a standing invitation to tour Boeing whenever I'm back in St Louis.

Because of our conversation, a bridge was built. Yea, a bridge of passionate bounty! (Okay, I'll stop pushing the pun.)

I've met artists I admire, writers I adore, and actors and actresses who I love ALL because I pursued my passions in an active way.

Passions connect us.

Passions spur conversations, conversations create connection, and connections build bridges. If you're an illustrator, connections build draw bridges. (Egad! What's with the puns today?)

Stay passionate, and keep building those bridges! Who knows where they will take you! Perhaps to a land of Passionate Bou... (Oh. Right. I said I'd stop.)
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