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Fill The Void

By Luke Daab

I'm writing this post having just found out that Darwyn Cooke, a beloved comic book creator is fighting aggressive cancer. My heart is breaking and I grieve the potential loss of another legend. The rock legend, Prince, has passed away. David Bowie is no longer with us. Nor are countless other amazing artists and creative's who have passed away this year. Those individuals who helped build the world we see around us. 2016 has seen a titanic of iconic talent sink beneath the waves.

There is a void growing. A void of ideas, dreams, beautiful things made, and sounds to be explored. There is a void of new anthems to be sung and harmonies to be hummed. A void of new artistic expression rising to challenge the ordinary.

We are experiencing creative turnover. And the torch is being passed to the next generation. That generation is you and me.

The risk we experience is in focusing on the loss--the past not the present. How things were, not on how things are and how things can be. By striving to honor the past we risk our future by pining for what we had. But the future wants you to be a part of it. It is opening up its arms to embrace the new as it embraced what came before us.

If you are an artist, the world is calling you to rise and fill the void. We can honor the past by creating a new future. Our creative forefathers are calling us to step up and step out. To be brave. To take risks. To expand ourselves, our art, our music, our performance, and our dance. They are calling us to fill the void.

It is calling you, and it is calling me. We are finite, but when we are gone there will be a void in our place as well. What will they say about the void you leave behind?

Will it be expansive, inviting, creative, or loving? Will it be larger than a life lived in safety and comfort?

There is a void growing. And it wants you. Take the first step today to do the thing in your heart you've always wanted to do.

Ashton Burge commented on 16-May-2016 06:11 PM
I've said recently that there will never be another country singer/guitarist like Merle Haggard was or that there will never be another all-around musician like Prince was. The same can be said about Darwyn Cooke and his respective field. While it's true that they were all one of a kind talents, what am I doing to attempt to fill that void? I don't spend near enough time practicing guitar or working on figure drawing. I need to step up my game, not just so I can be better, but so art itself can be better.

Thanks for this, Luke! I needed a kick in the butt!
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